Shot Peening Machine

The Shot peening machine is used in the finishing of metal parts for increasing their strength and corrosion resistance. Shot is blasted using powder or liquid agent in order to coat the other surface which is in contact. The process involves bombardment of short strikes on the metal and creation of dimples in the surface. The process spreads the metal stretching its properties which further helps the surface in becoming more crack resistant. The process is similar to sand blasting but the mechanism involves plasticity rather than abrasion. The process causes less pollution. The applications of the process involves high-wear components like gears, shafts, etc. As it seamlessly integrates the surfaces, Shot peening machine is also used in aircraft repair.

Automatic Air type Shot Peening Machine

Being a famous organization, we have involved as the famous manufacturer of an advance Automatic Air Type Shot Peening Machine. Offered machine is a cold working technique used to meet metal parts and to change different mechanical features of materials. Our provided machine is made by the use of stainless steel & rust free in nature. Our offered Automatic Air Type Shot Peening Machine is used to increase in fatigue strength under torsion and bending, which prolongs product life. The workpieces finished are mainly metal parts. The metal part cracks and corrosion resistance increases as this shot peening process creates small dimples in the surface that cause compression stresses. This machine also features flexible mechanism for loading and unloading. The operator can adjust the air pressure and media feed. Our customers can get this machine from us at market leading rates.

Automatic Air Type Shot Peening Machine Features:
  • System that is extremely dependable
  • Durable construction
  • Assurance of performance
  • Each coil spring is treated separately.
  • The parameters for shot peening can be set using the operator's panel.
  • Very economical to use

Robotic Shot Peening Machine

Our company is well known manufacturer of Robotic Shot Peening Machine. This machine is used for increasing the strength of different parts that are not working in a proper manner. This machine is different from a standard shot peening machine as it integrates a PLC with HMI system, programmable robot, uninterrupted media flow, parallel dual pressure pot peening system and environmentally safe. Advance techniques are used by the team of our adroit professionals for the manufacturing of widely appreciated Robotic Shot Peening Machine. It is known for its easy installation, trouble free functionality and compact design.  Various custom made designs can also be created to fulfill the set requirements of customers. In addition, these are offered at very nominal prices.

  • Used in the automated peening process for quick shot peening
  • Also used in various industries
  • Robotic Shot Peening Machine is great to use
  • Great Applications for gas turbines and aeronautics
  • Can also be used for precise and high-quality performance and quality reports

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