Dust Collector
Dust or other impurities present in the air are automatically collected by the dust collector in order to improve air quality. This type of system can be installed in industrial and commercia settings. 
Blast Cabinet
Set-up a blast cabinet in your unit for blasting application. A pressure is applied to blast a part with a purpose of removing corrosion or coating, or any other purpose.
Shot Peening Machine
Get in touch with us to buy automatic shot peening machine that finishes metal parts and components in order to improve their life. The parts and components processed are protected from fatigue.
Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine
The Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machines are useful for the process of paint removal, paint preparation, descaling, deburring and derusting. They offer general surface preparation before the process of welding, machining, cutting, etc. The metal plates and profiles can be simply cleaned with these machines. 
Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine
The Paver Block Shot Blasting Machines are made to provide roughness on all types of surfaces so that they may become non-slippery in nature. The machine boast of outstanding appearance as well as excellent non-slip properties. These can offer finest architectural finish and outstanding looks.
Portable Blasting Machine
A Portable Blasting Machine has a wheeling structure, so that it can be moved to desired location. Portable Blasting Machine is carried out for either removing surface material, or to make the surface smooth or rough.

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